MAD uses the 'collective enterprise' model of sustainable funding to deliver it's 'active ageing' program

Adequate funding is the KEY to positive and lasting social change!

The powerful engine of business must be strategically harnessed.


what exactly is a Collective Enterprise?

"a profitable enterprise owned by the community for the betterment of the Community"


the process of establishing a Collective Enterprise?

1establish the project

Our project panel guides the establishment of new or the aquisition of existing secure enterprises that can provide a sustainable income stream.

2review the management

Our 'Community Connected' management model is then applied to that enterprise to create a secure and inclusive experience for all partners.

3allocate adequate funding

We then apply these sustainable profits directly to the most effective programs with a percentage being retained for the creation of new enterprises.

4deliver positive change

As the most effective community programs will receive adequate continuous funding we can be confident that sustainable and positive social change will result!

table tennis for life is the collective enterprise that will fund 'active ageing'

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