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Happy Older AustraliansTable Tennis for Life is a Collective Enterprise that will provide daytime table tennis programs at no cost to older australians in our community. People who otherwise could not afford access to an activity like this.


table tennis for life is designed to be self-funding!

The MAD Foundation understands that effective community programs such as ‘Active Ageing’ need to be adequately and sustainably funded. Table Tennis for Life will fund it's 'Active Ageing' program by operating commercial table tennis competitions during the popular evening timeslot at each centre.

The Table Tennis for Life ‘Active Ageing’ program creates an appropriate level of healthy exercise that includes fun and social interaction.

It is designed to boost wellbeing and mental health whilst breaking down the isolation older australians may feel. Research has shown that, like many social inclusion activities, table tennis programs can help older people enjoy:

# improved mobility     # healthier sleep patterns # improved balance, which can reduce falls
# better coordination # increased cerebal blood flow # improved upper body strength


'Active Ageing' Flyer

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